Thursday, June 12, 2014

Adopting a Mobile-first Ethos for Law Sites

The practice of law is a tough battleground in the U.S., with thousands of attorneys trying to outsmart each other in pushing their clients’ cases in court. Part of that battle includes securing the clients who need representation in various matters. As many of these prospective clients may be using electronic gadgets, you must have a website they can access at the touch of a finger and be educated on your services.
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Responsive design” is gradually becoming the buzzword among online marketers tasked to build mobile-friendly websites. The term means adapting the website to be easily viewable over all kinds of mobile platforms, regardless of what operating system they run on. In some cases, the website should have a desktop-viewing version as well for users who can’t get the hang of the mobile version.
Your preferred web design agency may be using the blog site Wordpress as a platform to assemble your company pages. As such, you can consult them about using custom themes based around your practice’s official colors to give the site a more authoritative look.
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Mobile-friendly website design also helps for added discretion among potential clients. Some lawyers have claimed securing clients who researched about legal topics on their website while away from a desktop. This may apply, for example, to a spouse who wants to file for divorce but could not let his or her partner know.

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