Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lombard Web Design Agency: Can Users With Dyslexia Read Your Website?

Not being careful about your web design can cause problems for dyslexics. Randomly using a font just because you feel like it fits may result into bad web design that can harm the reputation of your business. Even people without dyslexia might find your website uncomfortable to look at because your designs were not handled by a capable Lombard web design agency that specializes in these situations. Remember that your website reflects your company, so if your web page proves to be an inaccessible or incomprehensible mess, what does that say about your business?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Web Design Agency in Lombard Discusses Branding and Beyond for SMBs

It can be challenging to find a good website designer, particularly when you’re a young and small business with limited funds. For your biggest competitors in the industry, it’s the upscale or most ambitious firms that beg to be their designer. You would think that an established, creative designer won’t spend their time working on your website. You just have to look, however, for committed professionals who will take your visions seriously and deliver without making you settle for anything less than awesome. Now, “awesome” is pretty subjective, and there are no exact specifications or metrics to achieve or measure that trait. What you have to discuss with your online marketing team are the key characteristics or features of a website for businesses, such as branding, responsiveness, and visibility. You have to look for a web design agency in Lombard that is dedicated to SMBs in branding their website, making it responsive, and ensuring it drives traffic.

Responsive Design: Why You Should Invest in It

About 80% of businesses will be increasing their digital marketing budget over the coming 12 months. These companies are willing to spend about 5-10% more, which can be as much as thousands of dollars, just to achieve their marketing goals. If you’re a small business, you can’t afford to let such big investments go to waste on strategies that won’t bring you significant returns.

The responsive design of your website is one aspect of your online presence that should be part of the things you prioritize. Experts can’t stress the importance of having an adaptable or mobile-friendly website enough. If you consult any web design agency, it’s bound to be part of their top recommendations.

Customers are mobile, so you should be, too.
Some surveys suggest that the number of consumers who rely on their smartphones or tablets for researching companies or interacting with them (through queries, feedback, or actual purchases) is equal or even more than those who still prefer desktop searches. This is a portion of the market you can’t afford to ignore. You have to ensure that you allow them to have a great user experience when accessing your website.

It can be your edge against big brands.
You think 80% of businesses (large corporations in particular) have a responsive web design? Try 11-18%. This was a finding of some researches during the latter part of 2014. This means small businesses that have mobile-friendly websites can definitely gain an advantage over big brands.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Good Web Design Agency in Lombard Can Update Your Online Marketing

Search engines are the primary tools used in navigating the Web, and thus play a pivotal role in online marketing. Businesses typically aim to improve their websites and other online content to appear more prominently in searches made through these engines. As the article points out, however, updates can derail previous marketing attempts. If a business has trouble addressing its marketing problems following a search engine update, it should approach a capable web design agency in Lombard, such as Grays Digital Consulting.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Modernized Site Look and Feel with a Web Design Agency in Lombard

The importance of bringing old websites into the modern age may not be lost on Lombard residents, who enjoy logging onto the Internet for various purposes and may sometimes find old websites. A number of websites dating back to the mid-90s include the official movie site for the animated/live-action movie Space Jam, former Sen. Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign, and Microsoft, whose current website was stylized after the original version it launched in 1994. If you have a website that has stayed the same for years but may still be useful to visitors, bring it forward with help from a Lombard web design agency like Gray’s Digital Consulting.