Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Web Design Agency in Lombard offers Tips on how to make a Good Website

As such, employing the services of a skilled web design agency in Lombard such as Gray’s Digital Consulting would be a sound decision. These companies are aware of the latest trends in marketing, that’s why their services consist of utilizing updated website designing technology that enables customers to access their client’s site using any device, be it a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Keeping up with market trends ensures that your business would remain competitive and recognized by consumers. In that regard, hiring a professional Lombard web design agency like Gray’s Digital Consulting will give you and your website the boost it needs.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

In Business, You Have to Think Like a Customer

The premise is pretty basic: If you want to sell, you need to understand your market. You’d think this is already basic knowledge in the world of business, but no. Too many entrepreneurs expect their consumers to be the one to make the adjustments and meet their standards. If you’re just starting with your business, you have to realize this early; to fail to do so is a clear recipe for disaster.

Becoming your own customer

When it comes to improving your business, you need to think like your customers. Where can you be found? What would grab your attention? What would compel you to buy your product? Your main goal is to get your customers to finalize their purchase, so you need to answer these questions when you are thinking of the perfect way to market your offerings.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Revamping Your Web Design to Increase Conversions

You website functions as your online front window, and it is responsible for enticing visitors into doing business with you. Often, you only have a few minutes to impress a user who lands on your site. Increase your chances of converting a visitor into an actual customer with these web design tips:

Easy Navigation

A majority of web users are impatient. If they cannot figure out immediately how to move from webpage to webpage, they have no problem leaving your site altogether. Consider adding a floating navigation bar or a side bar to help out your visitors. Similarly, your website architecture should be clear and logical.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Blunders to Avoid When Designing a Website

No one’s immune to mistakes. Even in web design, where a designer has complete control and freedom over his masterpiece, mistakes can be done, at least when compared against certain web design standards. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you must avoid in order to create a successful website.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Why Hire a Web Design Agency

It is difficult to tell what internet users want from a website without referring to the findings of reliable surveys. You can, however, look at popular sites and figure out what’s in them that attracts visitors. Content is a given, so you have to make sure your webpages provide relevant and engaging information. However, the website’s architecture and design matter just as much.

You don’t really want to compete with giants like Apple and Amazon. This does not mean, though, that you should settle for less, especially since your website serves to advertise your business. Consider investing in a good website design. By hiring a reputable web design company to refurbish your site, you’ll have a good chance of getting good returns on your investment within a short period.

Among the elements you may want to improve on is your site’s typography and color scheme. While there are certain fonts and colors that you personally prefer, these just might not work for your market. Also, you should consider trends in website designs that could work in bringing in more traffic to your site.

Consider adding images and videos, as well. Studies have shown that today’s internet users prefer watching videos and viewing photos than reading texts. Videos and photos help make viewers feel more engaged and connected to your company, complementing well-written and informative content.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Four Basic Elements of Good Web Design

Ideally, a website should be built in such a way that it strikes a balance between function and design. A beautiful website is useless if it’s incompatible with most web browsers, just as how an informative website is less effective if it doesn’t have a user-friendly interface. Online marketing agencies can thankfully help avert these problems due to their knowledge of the basics in web design.

Layout, for example, dictates how a website would appear in a particular window or computer screen. If a website has a good layout, all the necessary elements of each webpage are easy to find and the page itself isn’t jumbled. Legibility, meanwhile, refers to how easy it is to read the various letters and words used in the site. Font type and size can also give a particular website an identity of its own if they’re unique enough.

These two elements may sound like they give great stock on fancy images and aesthetics, but a website should also espouse simplicity to be considered good. Images, videos, and animations should only be used sparingly and wherever necessary because these elements can take quite a while to load in most web browsers.

Finally, a website should also be ”complete”. Completeness refers to the presence of important features that all websites should have for the benefit of the user, like a home page, contact information page, and a sitemap.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Web Design Agency in Lombard: Is Your Website Colorblind-Friendly?

Your website is your chance to tell the world what your company is about. Above all, it provides you with a venue to present what you do best. So how do you identify the good Lombard web design agencies from the bad? They’ll be the ones that have creative flair and take a meticulous, hard-working approach, with ears that are ready to listen. Find these qualities in an agency and you’ll achieve what you want: a website that truly delivers results.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Current Web Design Trends

As more and more people are using mobile devices to search for what they need and want online, most companies are choosing to make their websites that comply with the current trends. Here are the top 3 characteristics on how to make your website ready and equipped for the ever-evolving needs of customers:

Responsive design
A website that looks great on all platforms and modifies itself is a website that speaks about its commitment to its customers and caters to their every need. It can adapt to the screen sizes of different devices – smartphones, tablets, or desktops – and automatically adjusts and improves the various elements of the site, resizing fonts and images to provide a better viewing experience.

Simple design
Give your visitors what they need. Make things easier for them to find what they want to know by creating straightforward pages, presenting clear and concise content, and showcasing effective images that answer their queries. When dealing with content-heavy websites, it’s crucial to place fixed side or top bars for effortless, uncomplicated navigation.

Engaging user experience design
You want to impress and to stand out from the rest of your competitors, and one of the best ways to be unforgettable is through an engaging encounter. Allow your customers to interact with your website through powerful images and captivating words that tell a story about how you can help them with what they need. Introduce relevant content and help them solve any difficulties they may be facing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Effective 2014 Trends that a Web Design Agency in Lombard should Apply

Flat UI As mobile giants Apple and Samsung move their battle towards high-resolution displays, the call for more simplistic gradients and styles is given more focus nowadays. Also called the flat user interface system, the use of simple colors and minimalistic design free of overplayed and unnecessarily dramatic elements and decoration allows visitors to keep their eyes on the products and services the site offers. When looking for a reputable Lombard web design agency like Gray’s Digital Consulting, LLC, make your choice based on how up-to-date their strategies and services are. There’s no reason to lag behind your competitors in such a fast-paced environment – instead you should adapt and grow as quickly as the industry is moving.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Adopting a Mobile-first Ethos for Law Sites

The practice of law is a tough battleground in the U.S., with thousands of attorneys trying to outsmart each other in pushing their clients’ cases in court. Part of that battle includes securing the clients who need representation in various matters. As many of these prospective clients may be using electronic gadgets, you must have a website they can access at the touch of a finger and be educated on your services.
Please Respond… Over!
Responsive design” is gradually becoming the buzzword among online marketers tasked to build mobile-friendly websites. The term means adapting the website to be easily viewable over all kinds of mobile platforms, regardless of what operating system they run on. In some cases, the website should have a desktop-viewing version as well for users who can’t get the hang of the mobile version.
Your preferred web design agency may be using the blog site Wordpress as a platform to assemble your company pages. As such, you can consult them about using custom themes based around your practice’s official colors to give the site a more authoritative look.
Covert Surf
Mobile-friendly website design also helps for added discretion among potential clients. Some lawyers have claimed securing clients who researched about legal topics on their website while away from a desktop. This may apply, for example, to a spouse who wants to file for divorce but could not let his or her partner know.

Monday, May 12, 2014

How Businesses Can Benefit From Professional Web Design

Nowadays, businesses can’t seem to operate without a website. For smaller firms, it might be tempting for them to simply hire an intern with basic knowledge of HTML to have a go at developing the company’s webpage, but that’s never a good idea if you must compete. Hiring a professional web design agency may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the team’s expertise is well-worth the price.

First, professional web designers know how to create a unified look. From fonts to background graphics, a professionally designed website mostly adheres to a single design aesthetic. This consistent visual style helps impress an identity with which people associate your company.  When the public remembers, it’s one step closer to solidifying your brand.

Second, well-made sites keep people interested. If you’ve ever thrown up your hands and just closed a browser tab because a site was too slow or had a horrible interface, you can understand this problem. Businesses want people to stay on their webpage, which makes easy navigation and interactive and user-friendly functions top priorities.

Third, efficient web design leads to fewer problems down the road. A professionally designed site will have gone through some essential checks and balance to ensure that its pages operate properly. Experienced web designers understand certain pitfalls to avoid when designing a site; they are also more than capable to make the changes and updates, as well as in maintaining the site.