Thursday, April 16, 2015

2015 Web Design Trends

The current year is nearing its midpoint, and website design as a field is still changing. That being said, you must be up to speed with all the updates, or you’ll be left behind. Here are a few website trends that continue to dominate 2015; all of which should also dominate your web design strategy as well.
Long Scrolling Sites – Apple’s iPhone 6 website is the perfect example of a long scrolling site. Such types of sites allow putting a lot of information in a single page in a compelling manner without boring visitors. This trend is alive mainly because of the way web users access pages these days—as people have been increasingly accessing the web through mobile devices, scrolling is much easier instead of clicking small individual links.
Storytelling – Everyone loves a good story. A good example of a site that tells a story is the page for Seattle’s Space Needle, which relays facts about the famous structure using a design that perfectly supports the endeavor itself (one that is also in line with long scrolling). While amazing content is a staple, it can also help if you’d include a compelling narrative within it.
Video Backgrounds – If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is likely worth a million or more. Videos are considered to be the foremost media to portray emotions and intentions, and embedding them on websites is still going strong since last year.