Thursday, February 12, 2015

Responsive Design: Why You Should Invest in It

About 80% of businesses will be increasing their digital marketing budget over the coming 12 months. These companies are willing to spend about 5-10% more, which can be as much as thousands of dollars, just to achieve their marketing goals. If you’re a small business, you can’t afford to let such big investments go to waste on strategies that won’t bring you significant returns.

The responsive design of your website is one aspect of your online presence that should be part of the things you prioritize. Experts can’t stress the importance of having an adaptable or mobile-friendly website enough. If you consult any web design agency, it’s bound to be part of their top recommendations.

Customers are mobile, so you should be, too.
Some surveys suggest that the number of consumers who rely on their smartphones or tablets for researching companies or interacting with them (through queries, feedback, or actual purchases) is equal or even more than those who still prefer desktop searches. This is a portion of the market you can’t afford to ignore. You have to ensure that you allow them to have a great user experience when accessing your website.

It can be your edge against big brands.
You think 80% of businesses (large corporations in particular) have a responsive web design? Try 11-18%. This was a finding of some researches during the latter part of 2014. This means small businesses that have mobile-friendly websites can definitely gain an advantage over big brands.

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