Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Revamping Your Web Design to Increase Conversions

You website functions as your online front window, and it is responsible for enticing visitors into doing business with you. Often, you only have a few minutes to impress a user who lands on your site. Increase your chances of converting a visitor into an actual customer with these web design tips:

Easy Navigation

A majority of web users are impatient. If they cannot figure out immediately how to move from webpage to webpage, they have no problem leaving your site altogether. Consider adding a floating navigation bar or a side bar to help out your visitors. Similarly, your website architecture should be clear and logical.

Call to Action Button

Your call to action button should be immediately visible to visitors. To make it easier to spot, try changing the color of the button into something that contrasts with the color of your background. If necessary, consult a color wheel to find which color works best.

The Mobile Factor

More and more consumers are shopping online due to the convenience of smartphones and tablets. Make sure that your website is prepared to handle the mobile revolution. Speak to an experienced web design agency about helping you make the switch to mobile responsive web design.

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