Monday, October 13, 2014

Blunders to Avoid When Designing a Website

No one’s immune to mistakes. Even in web design, where a designer has complete control and freedom over his masterpiece, mistakes can be done, at least when compared against certain web design standards. Here are some of the most common mistakes that you must avoid in order to create a successful website.

Rare Font Style

It’s nice to be unique but when it comes to web design, you should know where to draw the line. When putting text, remember that your goal is to build an effective communication between you and your website’s visitor. If the font style you use already makes the text illegible, replace it with a simpler font. Always consider the beauty of simplicity.

Scroll Horizontally

Some webpages contain so much information that they have to be provided with a horizontal scrolling option. Although useful, this is considered a no-no in web design. What you should do instead is to adjust the resolution of the entire webpage until everything fits in the margin. Scrolling down, though, is acceptable.

Requiring Too Much Information

If you’re designing a website where visitors can register or subscribe, be careful what information you’ll require them to provide. There are people who are reluctant to provide so much information because they are wary of where it will be used. Be sure to ask only the most important questions and don’t go overboard with them.

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